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7.1.4 ListNanny NDR/Bounced Email Parsing Component Printer Friendly   Email This FAQ   Discuss

ListNanny.NET is a .NET component (commonly known as an assembly). It is used by developers to categorize, label, and parse bounce back emails, or NDRs otherwise known as Non-Deliverable Reports or Non-Deliverable Receipts.
Once the NDR text of an email has been loaded into ListNanny, ListNanny will categorize the NDR into one of the following categories.
Member Name Description
HardBounce The server was unable to deliver your message (ex: unknown user, mailbox not found)
Transient The server couldn't temporarily deliver your message
Unsubscribe Unsubscribe or Remove request
Subscribe Subscribe request from someone wanting to get added to the mailing list.
AutoResponder Automatic email responder ( ex: 'Out of Office' or 'On Vacation')
AddressChange The recipient has requested an address change.
DnsError A temporary DNS error.
ChallengeVerification The bounce is a challange asking for verification you actually sent the email. Typcial challenges are made by Spam Arrest, or MailFrontier Matador
SpamNotification The message was delivered, but was either blocked by the user, or classified as spam, bulk mail, or had rejected content.
OpenRelayTest The NDR is actually a test email message to see if the mail server is an open relay.
Unknown Unable to classify the NDR
SoftBounce Unable to temporarily deliver message (i.e. mailbox full, account disabled, exceeds quota, out of disk space)
VirusNotification The bounce is actually a virus notification warning about a virus/code infected message.


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