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This one comes from James Baker. It's rather interesting, and I wanted to post it, in case it helps someone else.

Here you go.

James writes:
I was getting the dreaded “Could not access CDO.Message” error and I found your site. I’ve come back to it on several occasions as this popped up. I went through every suggestion and nothing seemed to fix it. I only had this problem with *windows* applications, not ASP.NET. Anyway, on my development machine I have Outlook Express installed. I had set up my gmail account with it, which requires authentication/SSL on both inbound and outbound connections. For the fun of it, I removed this account entirely from Outlook Express. This immediately fixed the problem. As a test, I put the account back exactly as it was and the problem reappeared. Removed it again, problem free. I can’t imagine why this setting would affect an independent application, but it certainly did. Just thought I’d mention it. Thanks a million for your site, glad to know I’m not alone.

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